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The Board for the NH Fastbreak has selected the 2012 season tournaments. Unless something unexpected happens all Fastbreak teams will be attended the tournaments listed here.

The uniform orders are beling placed on March 2 so it is extremely important to verify your order information. You can find that information on your team's roster page:

  • Grade5
  • Grade6-Black
  • Grade6-White
  • Grade7
  • Grade8
  • Grade10/11

If you notice any problems with your order information or your name is highlighted, please contact Scott McKinney at duke82@comcast.net.

NH Fastbreak Board

Getting on a team

If you are an above-average basketball player for your age, are serious about improving your basketball skills, want to make basketball your primary spring sport, and want to improve your chances of making a High School or College team, then the NH Fastbreak club wants you to be part of their organization. Learn more

The AAU Season

The NH Fastbreak club is active during the spring season, and sometimes into the summer months. We are also currently exploring the possibility of expanding into the fall season (optional). Learn more

Team Practices

All NH Fastbreak teams will be holding their practices at the Derry SportsZone. The times and frequency of the practices will be finalized by the player’s and coach’s availability. Learn more

AAU Tournaments

NH Fastbreak teams will participate in tournaments at the Derry SportsZone, throughout New England, and in some cases throughout the United States. Learn more

Cost to Participate

The NH Fastbreak club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Our goal is to keep the cost to participate to a minimum while still providing a rich experience for all players. No player will be turned away for financial reasons. Learn more