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Cost to Participate

It is the goal of the NH Fastbreak organization to eventually get the cost to participate in the program down to almost nothing, if not completely free. This can be accomplished by offsetting the costs with sponsorships and fundraisers. As a growing organization, we are not quite there yet. Last year, several players obtained enough sponsorships to play for free. Others significantly lowered their costs through sponsorship.


The majority of the expenses come from practices, tournaments, uniforms, and coach’s stipend. The expenses per player this year (before sponsorships and fundraising) will be a flat $600.00.


Families with Mulitple Players

Families who have two or more children in the program will receive a discount of $50 off per child.



There are three sources of income for the teams; sponsorships, fundraising, and parent’s payments. Our major fundraiser is the tournament that we host at the SportsZone. Previously this has netted us several thousands of dollars. The amount we raise will be largely dependent on the number of teams that we get to participate and the level of raffling we are able to do. In addition to this, teams are encouraged to hold their own fundraising events. There is no limit to the amount of fundraising that each team can do. The funds raised by the tournament will be used to lower all players’ costs, whereas the team fundraiser’s profits will go only to those teams that raised the funds. Teams that are travelling to tournaments outside the region are encouraged to participate heavily in fundraising to help keep the costs down.

Financial Aid

For those players that can demonstrate a financial need, financial aid from the organization will be provided. Most of this money will come from sponsorships. Financial aid can vary from a partial amount up to the full amount of participation. For those players that think they will need financial assistance, please contact our Director of Finance, Scott McKinney. Financial assistance must be requested at the time of application on the Tryout Form before a player is picked for a team.