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The AAU Season

Fall 2011

The official 2010 AAU Basketball Season runs from September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012. In the past, the NH Fastbreak club has done very little in the fall season (Sept. - Nov.), and the fall of 2011 is no exception. We are exploring the possibility of including a short fall season in the future that would be optional for players.

Winter 2011-2012

During the winter season (Dec. - Feb.), the school and travel basketball teams are in full swing. Most of the NH Fastbreak players participate on a school or travel team. Because of this, the club is not active during this season. For the younger players, we will hold tryouts during this time. The tryouts for the older players are postponed until after the regular school seasons end. This is done for several reasons; it keeps the players focused on their school or travel teams, it avoids potential conflicts, and it is in keeping with the request of the school coaches. We feel it is important to maintain a good relationship with the local school coaches to get their support in encouraging participation in AAU basketball.

Spring 2012

The spring is the height of the NH Fastbreak AAU season (Mar. - early Jun.) Regular weekly practices are held and most teams participate in several tournaments each month. The majority of the AAU tournaments available in New England are held during the spring season. While we do not require that players participate in AAU basketball during the spring as their only sport, we do require that they make it their priority sport. If conflicts occur between AAU basketball and other spring sports that a player participates in, we expect that AAU basketball will take priority. Missed practices and tournament games due to conflicts with other sports could lead to reduced play time in AAU games at the discretion of the Head Coach. It is simply not fair to the other players on the team giving 100% of their effort at all times.

Summer 2012

The summer season (late Jun. - Aug) begins around the time that the school year ends. Some NH Fastbreak teams will finish up their participation at this time. Teams that qualify for the Nationals or Junior Nationals may extend their season into the summer months to prepare for these events, which are usually held in July. All teams are encouraged to stay together and participate in the Derry SportsZone Summer Basketball League. While this is optional, we feel that it is helpful to keep the boys playing together throughout the summer in a more relaxed, less formal environment.